I love your work how do I book?

Yay! I'll ask you some questions usually through email or on the phone and make sure that a window is open in the diary around your due date. To officially book a session a contract/model release will need to be signed and your session fee paid. Once booked I pencil a block into the diary to allow for early/ontime and late baby arrivals. Once your baby has arrived just send me a quick message and we can figure out what day suits you best in the window.


Where are you based?

I'm based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and photograph Newborns and families in and around Northern Ireland

How many photos do we get?

Sessions can last up to 4 hours and they are very much baby led. I go through a variety of props and setups and poses to give you a beautiful variety in your gallery. i don't like to put a number on it as each baby is different.

All galleries are delivered in colour and black and white. I have a deep love for black and white images so I like to make sure you get those too!


Do you have a studio? Where do Sessions take place?

I work on location and the Snug Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home. Having a brand new baby in your life is pretty cool but also life changing and I understand that traveling within the first few weeks can be pretty daunting and stressful. I want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible so traveling to you makes a lot of sense! I bring all the things I need with me. I work with natural light so usually just need a bit of space in a room with a good window.


will you take photos with parents / The dog / siblings?

The snug sessions focus on your baby. The sessions are very much baby led, if there is time I will always try and add in a photo with siblings/parents. For safety reasons I will not photograph any pets with your baby.


I've seen this pose...... can you do it?

Safety is my number one priority when handeling and photographing your Newborn Baby. There are a number of poses that due to safety issues and style I will not do. I created the Snug Sessions as a truly bespoke Newborn Photography service that stepped away from the cliche newborn images that we see nowdays to focus on a more natural style posing, candid and relaxed session.



When do we get our photos?

I usually send you a sneak peek later that day/next day. Average turnaround for a newborn session online gallery is 2-4 weeks but can take longer during busy periods.

if you have any other questions, don’t hestitate to ask, fill out the form below and i’ll get back to you asap

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